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The Monkey Pit Island

play The Monkey Pit Island android app
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Enter the unexplored world of The Monkey Pit Island, a point and click adventure set in a lost island full of mysterious enigmas.
Nobody exactly knows what that island is, but many clues lead to thinking of the legendary Oak Island, famous for its Money Pit.
The desert Island of Oak, in the north of the Atlantic, has been considered for more than 200 years, the place where it's hiding one of the greatest treasures of history.
Everything started in 1975 when a young boy finds drowning in the ground and decides to start digging.
Since that moment entire assets have been spent, and so many lives have been lost, but nobody has ever found the rich booty in that so called Money Pit.
A curse tells that seven people will have to die before the treasure is found, but so far how many are the people who have lost their lives in a mysterious accident? Will you be the next? Or will you be the first to succeed in this business?
It is not easy and maybe it will also serve a bit of luck, but with a little cunning, so much patience and a lot of skill, you might be able to unravel the mystery and earn the infamous booty!
Uhm ... but then will there really be a treasure beneath Oak Island?
A compelling story; a great deal of humour and an original art style and music will lead you on an adventure across the ruins of a strange civilization. As an archaeologist, your main objective is to find the legendary treasure hidden somewhere on the island: you are fully equipped and ready to face whatever curse is said to be plaguing this place, or so you thought...


  • Discover all the mysteries on the lost island
  • Point 'n click your way out of trouble
  • Use your brain to make it to the end
  • Discover the secrets of a lost society
  • Find the long lost treasure
  • Become one of the greatest archaeologists in history
  • Fun point 'n click interaction with the environment
  • Engaging puzzles

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  • Feed The Fat

    Everyone wants to get fit, so boring! In this game you have to feed a boy to make him fatter and fatter! There's no limit to the fatness, fat is love, fat is proud. Feed him with your favourite foods and play all the mini games to get bonus coins! The fatter the marrier, so don't forget to feed him every day or he will lose all the precious effort you put in and get thinner again.

    play feed the fat android app
    Android app on Google Play
    iOs app on iTunes app store

    CuteClicker Heroes

    A new addictive Hero Clickers Game! Non stop fun killing monsters for hours. How to play? It's simple! Just click and click and click... Tap the enemy and decrement monsters' health. Earn gold goins every time you kill a monster and use your money in the shop to buy weapons! With its addictive gameplay you can play for hours and hours. Become the new Hero, beat them all. Download and start to click !

    clicker heroes cute app and monsters
    Android app on Google Play
    iOs app on iTunes app store

    Make it rain be cool

    Swipe and rain swipe and rain... If you loved Coockie Clicker you cannot miss this! Play with Make it rain and you'll become rich and famous! Swipe to increase your investment and buy luxury good to become cool. It depends all on you! You can be rich or rich and cool! Swipe dollars till you become the coolest between your friends. But what are money without fun? So spend all your dollars to become the coolest in the world! What are you waiting for? Hurry up, time is money!

    Waste Money, Make it rain ... be cool
    Android app on Google Play
    iOs app on iTunes app store

    Fireman escape the fire

    If you loved Timberman you cannot miss it! Fireman is an old school arcade style casual game. Become a Fireman, climb stairs and avoid the windows and the missing blocks. Sounds like an easy task? It's easy to play but hard to master. 4 variable environments and 2 Firemen to unlock. Master your skills for the top records on the leaderboards. Take your axe as every man of fire does and climb the building as fast as you can! And be fast...fire is rising!

    fireman escape the fire
    Android app on Google Play
    iOs app on iTunes app store

    Bouncy Ninja HD

    Are you enough Bouncy Ninja ? Jump from wall to wall and avoid dangerous shuriken! Every level you pass screen change color and the number of traps increase. How do you play this Bouncy Ninja game? It's simple, like the well known Flappy Bird, what you need to do is just tap and tap to jump! With Gamecenter leaderboard you can prove your Bouncy Ninja skills to yours Bouncy Ninja's friends! Bouncing is the only way to survive, dont wait anymore bounce and conquer the Bouncy Ninja hall of fame!

    bouncy ninja
    Android app on Google Play

    About Us

    WePassion is a small team of passionate developers and artists based in Milan, Italy.

    This year, with our newly expanded team of two Developers, two Game Artists, a Sound Designer and our Storyboard and Story Artist, we are trying to broaden our horizons and publish our original games to new platforms.

    Among the titles published in 2016 are Feed The Fat, Spring Turtle, Just Get 11 Kittens and others.

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